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Filial Therapy

For families to support their relationships and communication. 

Filial Therapy builds on the principles of Play Therapy, however, differs from it in that it teaches parents/caregivers the skills to provide and hold Humanistic Play Therapy sessions for their own children themselves (under the supervision and guidance from a Play Therapist), which improves the relationship between parent/caregiver and child, as well as strengthens the family unit as a whole. Including parents/caregivers in their child’s therapeutic process, little by little they are becoming the key agents of change for their child and are able to support their child well into the future and beyond the play room.

Filial Therapy is a really special modality as it helps parents/caregivers see the world through their child’s eyes, which in turn creates stronger bonds and connection between the pair. With the parents/caregivers acting as the key agent for change in their child’s life, and supporting the child’s emotional language and displays of behaviour, this can in turn help to reduce behavioural difficulties whilst enhancing communication and strengthening relationships within the family unit as a whole.

Research strongly suggests that Filial Therapy helps children to reduce difficult and/or problem behaviours, helps parents/caregivers feel more confident and less stressed, as well as improves the understanding parents have for their children. 

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