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Frequently Asked Q's
For Kids

Image by Michał Bożek

What do we/I do in the play room?

Play! I won't ask you direct questions, and I will not give you instructions about what to do, or how to play in the play room. You lead, I follow. In the play room, I have art & craft materials, sensory play items, costumes, musical instruments, soft toys, blocks, puppets, sand trays, dolls, and so much more! You're free to use any of these almost however you would like! Sometimes we play, sometimes we talk, and sometimes we won't talk at all, but as always, you lead, I follow.

Do I have to talk?

Quick answer, no! If you feel like you don't want to talk, that's totally fine, we don't have to talk. If and when you want to talk, you are more than welcome to.

Are you going to tell my Mum, Dad, or teachers about my Play Therapy?

The time you have in the Play Therapy room is your special time. Because it's your special time, that means that I don't tell anybody else what you do in here, unless you or others are in clear danger. From time to time, I will chat to your parents/caregivers and maybe your teachers too about how you're going with play therapy, but I won't tell them what you do in the play room.

Will you tell me what other kids do in the play room?

You know how I said that I won't tell anybody else what you choose to do with your special time in the play room? I won't tell you about what other children choose to do with their special time in the play room too.

Are there rules in the play room?

Yes, but only a few! The main rule in the play room, is that we need to keep each other safe, which means I cannot hurt you, you cannot hurt me, and we cannot hurt the toys.

Can I leave at any time?

Whilst it's really good if you can stay for one hour in the play room, I understand if you may want to leave earlier, and you will be able to do so. However, if you choose to cut a session short, you won't be able to come back because this is your special time slot for the day. You can of course leave the play room to go to the toilet, or to get a drink for example.

How long does a Play Therapy session last?

A play therapy session usually lasts for one hour.

Can I bring toys from home to Play Therapy?

If you have a favourite toy that you would really, really like to bring to play therapy, you can. The play room has lots of toys that you can play with, so you don't need to bring any toys from home.

Frequently Asked Q's 
For Parents / Caregivers

Image by Jerry Wang

What will my child do in Play Therapy?

Play! I won't ask your child direct questions, and I will not give them instructions about what to do, or how to play in the play room. They lead, I follow. In Play Therapy, I, as the Play Therapist will use the therapeutic powers of play and the Play Therapy relationship to enhance your child's mental health and overall well-being. 
Your child is free to play however is most comfortable to them, and may often unconsciously play out the experiences that are troubling them or express and externalise the things that they're feeling on the inside. By doing this, your child gets to experience the enormous relief that comes with expressing difficult thoughts or worries..

What should I say to my child when they come out of Play Therapy?

When your child concludes a Play Therapy session you can ask them how they are feeling, but do not pressure them for a response. Play Therapy sessions can bring up a lot of emotions for children, so it is paramount to be sensitive during this time. Take note of their physical affect, and body language, and act accordingly.

How long will my child need to attend Play Therapy?

Unfortunately, this question is not a straight cut answer! How long your child will need to attend Play Therapy, is dependant on your child! Each child is different and has complexities and difficulties that are unique to them. Some children may benefit from one session weekly for two months, whilst another may benefit from one session weekly for six months! The Humanistic Play Therapy intervention recommends a minimum of ten Play Therapy sessions, which is equivalent to around three months.

Can I ask my child what they did in the play room?

Asking your child what they did in the play room is like asking an adult what they spoke about during a counselling session. Often these are experiences that children cannot explain in words, and will often respond to such questions quite simply, "Just played".

How will I find out how my child is going in Play Therapy?

Parent review meetings are a great place to start when finding out how your child is going in therapy. During these meetings you can ask all the questions and wonderings that have been accumulating over time.

How do I communicate worries about my child between sessions?

Whilst parent review meetings are a great opportunity to voice concerns and/or worries about your child, parents/caregivers are more than welcome to contact me between sessions if they deem is necessary.

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