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Initial intake meeting (60-90 minutes) - $180

Every session thereafter (this includes Learn to Play, Humanistic Play Therapy, Filial Therapy, Autplay Therapy, parent/carer/case-worker meetings) (50 minutes + 10 minutes of follow up/admin time for the therapist) - $150


If your child is on a self-managed or plan-managed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) agreement, you are able to claim back your Play Therapy fees with Ballarat Play Therapy. 
This includes Early Child Intervention (ECEI) funding.
NDIS’ hourly service rate is $193.99.

During the first parent/carer/case-worker intake meeting, we will be able to discuss your NDIS plan and the needs of your child in more detail.


Please note: Play Therapy Fees cannot be claimed through a Mental Health Care Plan, Medicare or Private Health Insurance

*Fees are subject to review*

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