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Ballarat Play Therapy

Hello! If you are interested in Play Therapy for your child or family, please get in touch. 


Ballarat Play Therapy is located at St James Parish School
(260 Albert Street, Sebastopol, Vic, 3356).
Available Monday & Tuesday 8am-5pm, Wednesday & Thursday 3:30pm-5pm


Ph: 0475 896 214


Here at Ballarat Play Therapy, we understand that children and families come in a number of different shapes and sizes, and that each child or family is unique in their own special way. It is because of this that the support you receive encompasses a holistic and personalised experience for your child and your family, that is backed by a range of evidence-based play therapy models to help children feel empowered, heard and comfortable.

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Humanistic Play Therapy

Filial Therapy

AutPlay® Therapy

"Toys are children's words, and play is their language"

Gary Landreth

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Ballarat Play Therapy

If you would like to book a session or find out more information, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 

Monday & Tuesday:  8am - 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday:  3:30pm - 5pm

260 Albert Street, Sebastopol, VIC, 3356

0475 896 214

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